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Schwan's Company, formerly known as The Schwan Food Company, is a privately owned company under CJ CheilJedang with approximately 12,000 employees.


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Former Employee - RSR-Route Sales Representative says

"cover long-timers butts even if it costs you your job"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Hours, company expectations, upper management."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Days usually a bit crazy"

Former Employee - Route Sales Representative says

"Very long hours, very low pay, way too much pressure, no work life balance at all"

Current Employee - Machine Operator says

"Lazy bunch running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Building is a dump. Hope you like working weekends."

Former Employee - AREA SALES MANAGER says

"Long hours, on call 20/24 hours a day,"

Former Employee - RSR says

"Long hours(12+), Old trucks and equipment that doesn't work, overpriced food. forcing you to stop at old customers that don't want service anymore to convince them to buy the over priced food, Ridiculous morning group stretching and cheers. Cant call in sick because there is usually no one to run the route for you always short handed due to huge turnover rate"

Current Employee - Quality Engineer says

"Facilities are very old, which presents a challenge when working in the Quality department and having USDA inspectors on site. Also, the process is very manual (almost no automation), which in turns makes the job challenging due to human error."

Current Employee - Route Sales Representative says

"local management is disorganized !"

Former Employee - Route Sales Representative says

"Literally everything else, you will be gone all day and required to stay on route until 8, in which you will chastised for working later than specified to complete quota, or chastised for not building enough of a healthy route for a crumbling route system that can't adapt to change. In a world where we have Amazon fresh and uber eats, sticking to door to door sales will literally be the end of the company."

Regional Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"Treat their employees horrible and very not caring, pay scale is low for what they ask of you and leadership is never there for you when needed the only person you can count is yourself and they set you up to failindependentBad pay poor leadership"

Route Sales Representative/Driver (Former Employee) says

"The Manager who hired me was a good man and did a fine job. He followed his superior to another depot. At that time, I had the fastest growing route and the highest sales. Ensuing Management decisions destroyed my customer base.Long hoursUnimaginative leadership"

Route Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"The company and culture are awful. They don't care about your time and only want you working. You can't call in if you're sick and you work until you're finished (usually 11+ hour days), demand you call dormant customers and bug them ON YOUR LUNCH BREAK, the company gave every employee an appreciation bonus during covid EXCEPT the sales drivers (the ones who were actually out in public), did not provide any PPE equipment until weeks into the pandemic because the manager thought it was a hoax, the inventory was never right nor did managment care to fix it, covid procedures were not enforced amongst the workers at the depot because the manager didn't have time, and they will work you to death with no O/T comp.Nonepoorly ran, money hungry company who will get as much out of you while paying you the least amount of money"

Route Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Work life balance. If you take a off work you are asked to make up on weekends. Zero support from the managers. Highly stressful place to work. Always get reprimanded by the manager at the end of the day without any liginiment reason.You work with the team. You get to meet nice people.Zero work-life balance, Micromanage, Zero sense of humor, Zero communication from your manager, Zero praise or complements, Inconsistent planing, Expectations change day by day."

Merchandiser/Sales (Former Employee) says

"Terrible area manager in Dallas Tim Harper a very very incompetent manager and HR in Minnesota are aware of this guy but afraid to confront him . I do not recommend this company at all .NoneA joke"

Route Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They treat you like your a dog work you to death and yet the pay you are promised seems to always have a lot of if you would have and never see decent pay I would rather shovel sh with a broken shovel than work for schwans meeting new pepoleyou have to be a stalker with no morals to work here"

Route Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This place is a terrible work environment. The management will put you under the bus and roll over you back and forth. They will tell lies about you and then Fire you."

Support Center Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The best thing I did was quite. Treated poorly. No raises for several years. Constantly told "Be happy you have a job". Always wants you to take on more task claiming you might get a promotion if you do half your managers job already."

Route Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Everything about this company was done wrong. Sending out vehicles that weren't safe to go out and would break down all the time. Managers would cruse and belittle everyone all the time, but yet go out and do the job worse and exactly how they said not to do it. Way more hours then they say it is going to be. No family and life balance. I have to say the management made this job unmanageable. I had great customers and enjoyed that. Other then that nothing else about this job was redeemable. Customerseverything else"

Route Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Sells are unachievable and you will never do well enough, even if you do they will move you to a different route that nobody can succeed at after awhileA paycheckThe job"

Route Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"stay away from Schwans, its a sinking ship. Underpaid, under appreciated, over worked. Say that safety is number one priority but have an annual maintenance budget of $350 per truck!"

Route Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I loved taking care of my customers that was the only bright spot of the job. Unfortunately the management in Pensacola is a total joke. Micromanaging at it's finest. I would work 6 days a week sometimes up to 12/14 hours a day.only to be written up because I couldn't get to all the customers even though I would see the customers the next day."

Package Handler (Former Employee) says

"Machines are so old they break down constantly and products come out bad and then they get mad cause your not going fast enough.Management is HORRIBLE! They lie and make promises they do not keep..they blow smoke up your behind.The place is a joke"

Route Sales Representative (RSR) says

"The incompetence of the area manager is staggering. He's a corporate yes man, with zero personality and has no idea how to talk to his employees without putting them down. The micromanaging is non stop because this company is desperate to make a profit which it hasn't done in the last 10 years. Along with management and corporate being complete trash, the company direction itself is still stuck in the past. Equipment is outdated, trucks break down, never enough supplies or inventory. If you want to work 55 hours a week, for a demeaning boss, and awful benefits, Schwans is the company for you."

Former Refrigeration Mechanic 1 (Former Employee) says

"All Refrigeration techs stay clear of this place. They lose people all the time because of their 3rd shift lead not training anyone and only limiting your knowledge. You will not learn nothing if your a beginner. Management knows of these problems all to well but will part ways with you instead of parting ways with the true problem. Not worth your time. Trust me you will save a alot of headaches..."

RSR Driver (Former Employee) says

"Not good run away don’t work for them don’t waste your time you we’ll have no life and you really don’t get holidays of and the trucks suck and brake down all the time."

Area Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company is not a good nature place to work. The job of a route sales has way to many hats to wear, expected to fix the terrible decisions the corporate ivory tower dwellers make. The job is a great customer service job but has very poor work life balance. The job of the next level, Area Manager is horrible. No support , no direction and expected to be responsible for everything in relation to ththe"

Machine Operator 2 (Former Employee) says

"Management team was always out to get someone. Always have a target. Super shady and really untrustworthy company to work for. They liked to tell you they'd help but they'd never fully commit to helping you with the task you needed. They denied me time off when my son was born and when there was a death in the family they denied funeral time existed while someone else was gone on leave for the same reason. Ended up having to use my personal vacation for the day of the funeral"

Routes Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"Manager required us to run the routes 100%,but when he would run it he would skip customers and be back at warehouse by 6pm. When most of us would be out until 10-11 pm. It’s all about sales sales and more sales. If you don’t get enough sales you are written up. You have to be very aggressive and most of the customers would complain that they didn’t like when the manager or fill in would show up because hey was too aggressive."

Door to Door Sales (Current Employee) says

"You work a million hours, and the company wants you to work more. Don't care about their employees. You get holidays off, but have to work the Saturday before or Saturday of the holiday. 4 minutes between stops is not enough time for customers l service."

Penny Uran says

"Haaaha, SO glad to see MBI closed. Schwan's took my 11:30, slot to deliver my food, and gave it to MBI, because they could make more money in that time slot, by driving out there, and just threw me in , whenever they could squeeze me in. I told my driver, I didn't feel that was fair, Schwan's black balled me from getting their food. Didn't hurt my feelings, that food will kill you for all the sodium used in the products."

Flawlessjewell says

"I will never order from schwans again. I tried to purchase food with my snap benefits because online the site says you can but you have to put a card on hold and give the card at the door. Instead my friends card got charged and then the UPS guy left. And I called schwan to get my money refunded and they said they would and come charge my snap benefits instead. Which they never came so i called again and they said they couldnt give my friends who put their card on hold for me money back. So now the persons card i put down to hold the food is never going to get their money back all because they dont list all the "requirements" on the site saying you suppose to talk to someone about when a schwans truck route is available to use your stamp card and if your online you only use cards. Well thanks alot because that was never said on the website. How can customers know what not to do when there is no guide to do it. Ill never ever purchase anything from schwan's every again. Thanks for a bad experience for a first time customer."

K A says

"I placed ONE order ever with this company and it was a huge mess. The online delivery date changed twice with no explanation as to why. Reps on live chat and by phone could NOT tell me why either! Absolutely no clue and no offer to look into the issue. It was also setting the delivery date 3 weeks out for items that the site was saying was "in stock". So several days later I call to check on it again and then I get told "Oh I see on our calendar we can make a delivery this coming Wed if you want that." So I said Ok. Around 5 pm on Tuesday comes and I log in online to check on my order. The online info wasn't updated to match what I was told on the phone. So I manage to find a phone # for a local office vs calling the toll-free Minnesota office. The guy in the local office said "Well I dont know why the scheduled delivery for tomorrow because the truck isn't even in town. It's not coming back to town until Thursday. Those people that answer the phone in Minnesota don't know what our local calendar scheduling is for our deliveries." OK.....He was nice and offered to drop my order off personally on his way home for the night. I was grateful but due to this experience I NEVER want to do business with Schwan's again. So therefore I logged into my account that I was forced to create to place my order and guess what? NO option whatsoever to "close account". Really?!!! If I opened the account I should fully expect to be able to "close" or "delete" the same said account. That seems like a pretty reasonable expectation. Especially since its not like I'm ordering a pair of shoes that might need a return or exchange. Think about it. So I live chat and give ALL the account information, account # etc and request my account be closed and info deleted from the database. Chat rep Robin S was dismissive and had no desire to help. She actually told me they have "no way to delete it". So I called the Minnesota HQ office. I got told it was being passed along. I waited a week and checked email as I had asked for email confirmation that my request was honored and taken care of. No email. Called the local office and that guy told me he was passing it on. Waited several more days. Called Minnesota again and this time was told they should have no problem processing the request but that they'd have to pass it on. Fine. Then rec'd the following response in my email from CASSIE BRYANT from their Consumer Care Team: Thank you for contacting Schwan's Home Service. We have received your request to discontinue service and don't want to see you go! We would appreciate the opportunity to make this right with you and would love to hear your feedback regarding your experience with us. We greatly value our customer's feedback and we pride ourselves not only on our exceptional customer service but also exceeding our customers' expectations. Please give us a call at 866-252-6045, or simply reply to this email, to discuss your request in further detail. You are a valued customer of Schwan's Home Service. If we can be of any assistance in the future, please don't hesitate to contact us. Cassie B. Consumer Care Team Member Office: 866-252-6045 Well, the way I look at it is I might be a "valued customer" to them but honestly they're not a "valued company" to me after screwing up my one and only order and then BS'ing me over and over again when I request to close my account and have my information removed from their database. The fact that their website asked me to create an account to place an order was fine but when I wanted to stop doing business and logged into to close the account, I then noticed there's no online option to do so. Not under the profile or account setting or anything. Ok, well in the day and age that we're in right now, that is a huge problem and design flaw with the website programming. Any company right now should be smart enough to have a "close account" option. Especially where its the type of account where the "merchandise" is obviously not going to be able to be returned! DUH!!!! This company needs to pull its head out of its @$$. BEWARE!!!!"

Sharon Ertel says

"Been along time customer, have recommended to many friends today my delivery was late, contacted my delivery person texted me Ran out of food. Why wasn't I notified. I am now on a 30 min wait to company. suggested i PRE- ORDER I have confirmation of my original order dated March 28th I am disabled, Sr, health issues, I depend on Schwan's for my groceries. Never thought they would treat a customer this way."

Debbie Trevisone says

"Ordered. Was supposed to receive on Friday. They confirmed delivery Saturday. Still no order. Rudest customer service. Basically, I paid for nothing."

iloveshoes says

"I have been a long time Schwan's home delivery customer , I used to order bi-weekly then changed to once a month always a large order. There was a special going on that if you ordered over $100. that you would receive $15.00 off your order , great I always order more than $100.00 , so I started to add to my cart (I was signed in ) my usual chicken and a couple of my regular items were on sale so I added those into the cart wanting to wait until I could ask my husband if he wanted anything special before I placed the order. The next morning I went back to my cart and all the prices had jumped up to the regular prices not the sale prices that were in my cart when I added them and they were to be one sale until midnight the next night. I looked at the site and the prices were on the site as regular priced , which seemed odd. I had added these items at around 3:00 am so they should have been the same at 1:00 pm the same day. I was upset and called the Schwan's toll free number and after waiting much too long finally spoke to an agent whom had no idea what she was doing , she was to transfer me to someone that knew what to do and when she did she disconnected me ! I had to go through the whole wait again and finally spoke to someone else whom could do nothing , I asked to speak to a Supervisor and I finally did , I explained what had happened and he basically called me a liar , he said I must not have been signed into my account when I added the items , I told him to check and he did , the items were still in my cart but at the regular prices not sale prices. He told me that they were not in sale and if they were the sale was over, I said they were on sale and still should be and as long as I put them in my cart when on sale they should have stayed on sale. He said they never were on sale , I believe that was calling me a liar and I was livid. I asked what he could do about the issue and he said he could out of courtesy give me $5.00 rewards off my next order and I said NO way , there will be no next order and I will not even place this one and I was going to add to it. He changed his tone and said he could give me a credit for the amount of the difference and I would see it on my order , I said I want to see it before I order and he said I would. Luckily I kept him on the phone as he was doing what he said he would , he said go back to your pending order and you'll see the credit. What I saw was an extra charge added not a credit and I told him so, he tried to tell me that's what it would look like and I said NO it would not. I said just forget it I don't need Schwans I can get someone to go to the store for me. I will not be placing anymore orders , you just lost a customer. He then said, oh I see where the error is , you're correct I added it instead of crediting it.I said I don' care about the order you called me a liar and think you're giving me a courtesy by giving me what I should be getting to start with. This is not the first time I have had trouble with Schwans prices and promotions , they are always trying to scam people and I'm sure they get away with it a lot with older folks that aren't sharp or are too trusting. Well , I'm not one to back down. I really wanted the order and absolutely love my delivery guy so I did add to my order so I could say Good Bye to my delivery guy as I won't be ordering from Schwans anymore. I explained to my delivery guy and he felt bad as I did but like I told him, Nobody calls me a liar and gets my business and believe me they will lose more , I know a lot of people and they can get out they don't need Schwans."